Ecoservice acquires Mano aplinka plius – further expansion and investments are planned

Ecoservice, the leading environmental management company in Lithuania, indirectly controlled by „INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund“, has acquired 100% of shares of the company Mano aplinka plius. With this decision, the company is set to continue its development in Lithuania and neighbouring countries.

Ecoservice bought the shares of Mano aplinka plius from the City Service. The company was acquired with the funds of Ecoservice and Eco Baltia Group, although the transaction cost has not been announced.

In the field of waste management, we are one of the leading companies in Lithuania. We have we set the ambitious goal of consistent growth, not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and a little later in Estonia. With this acquisition, we are hoping to expand our services in the sector for contaminated wastewater collection and management services,” said Jurgita Nacevičienė, CEO of Ecoservice.

Mano aplinka plius provides services in the fields of oil trap and fuel tank cleaning, grease trap and cleaning equipment maintenance, video diagnostics of pipelines, sewage disposal services, flushing of pipelines and emergency responses.

Last year, the Mano aplinka plius company’s sales amounted to 670 thousand euros, with a net profit of 96 thousand euros. Currently, there are 12 specialists employed by the company.

According to J. Nacevičienė, demanding qualitative and quantitative requirements will be imposed on the company. Along with the acquisition, new investments in wastewater management and processing technologies are also planned. In 2023 alone, the company’s investment in property renewals could amount to more than 500 thousand euros.

About Ecoservice

The Ecoservice Group includes several municipal, construction waste and environmental management companies. The Group employs about 1,200 people and its turnover last year reached nearly 45 million euros.

100% of the company’s shares are owned by Eco Baltia vide SIA, which is a member of Eco Baltia, the largest environmental and waste management group in the Baltic States. INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund owns 52.81% of Eco Baltia shares.